Our Company

Founded in 2007, GoHome is a smart, superior and specialized search engine for real estate currently operating in 7 European countries: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Starting from Croatia in 2007.

Our mission

To change the way the Internet is used for finding properties.

Who we are

The GoHome search engine is owned by the Pravi Klik d.o.o., a company located in Zagreb, Croatia, with a development centre in Split and companies in all countries where GoHome is present. Pravi Klik d.o.o. is owned by 3 private persons - Dražen Drnas, Hrvoje Bujas and Đulijano Nola.

Management team

Dražen Drnas CEO

Dražen Drnas

Dražen holds the position of CEO at GoHome. With experience in search engine technology and capability to adapt to new situations, Dražen is one of the pushing factors in GoHome expansion. He is addicted to sea, travelling, food and wine and always open to new business ideas and above all - a devoted father and husband.

Hrvoje Bujas CMO

Hrvoje Bujas

Hrvoje is currently CMO at GoHome. He believes in new ideas and products but also dreams about creating advanced technology that will improve both business and the quality of life. He is a dreamer and beliver and one part of his dream is happening right now.He enjoys spending time with his son and wife, with whom he shares a work routine as well.

Đulijano Nola CTO

Đulijano Nola

Đulijano is currently holding the position of CTO at GoHome. Expert in search engine optimization and head of development for new features like photo search and map search. Đulijano is known as a warm and positive person. He enjoys taking pictures on our office parties what is documented on Flickr. He is a family man, father and husband.

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