Products & Services

As a company, we are providing complete solutions for real estate industry. Our search engine can exist as a separate service or in-portal real estate search. Mobile Property Agent is a mobile app for agents and BeepHome is a social network planned to connect sellers, buyers and agents alltogether.

Search Engine

Our vertical search engine for real estate aggregates content from given market and provides optimal result for a given query.

At this moment we are searching 7.583.740 real estates in 7 European countries!

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GoHomeEngine provides a web-service API for advanced NLP search tuned specially for real estate industry.

GoHome vertical search engine for real estate is based on advanced technologies. Some of these technologies are available to 3rd parties through our API or special agreement.

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Mobile Property Agent is a new mobile app for real estate agents and developers. Whatever you do in the app will instantly be synchronized with your company's database and your website, and will be uploaded to specialized portals.

It will be available for iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms.

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