BeepHome is our new project. We see it as a "social network for real estate". Althought it is in beta phase and currently only online in Croatia and Slovenia, we plan to launch it in all countries where GoHome is present.

Specific to each country

It is intended for all people that are interested in a real estate market in a given country.It is the right place for you regardless if you are the buyer, the seller or a real estate professional. It is a place where you can easily share information, ask questions and get answers or just exchange experiences. Also, there are powerful alarming functionalities so you can be alarmed on any change on the market that you might be interested in via email, beep message or SMS.

New concept of connections

What differentiates BeepHome from other established social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is the way connections are established. Basically connections in all mentioned social networks are based on existing social connections in real life or yours real life profile. People that are buying/selling properties have no such connections. Therefore, it is necessary to connect into social network people who are buying/sellig properties, since they have no previous social connections. BeepHome is introducing a new concept of connections based on your interests.

BeepHome is connecting all people that are searching similar things in one network/group and enabling them to share experiences.

Data mining

It is based on huge data mining of semantic usage data in existing GoHome countries so immediately social network is started and groups are established.

We started BeepHome project as a very interesting way to upgrade user experience and open new possibilities for search and information sharing on the much more complex level than simple price/location parameters.