GoHome vertical search engine for real estate is based on advanced technologies. Some of these technologies are available to 3rd parties through our API or special agreement.

Semantic real estate search service - GoHomeEngine

GoHomeEngine provides a web-service API for advanced semantic search optimized especially for the real estate industry. It is using GoHome's Natural language processing features to analyze user input and give the best possible results. Semantic search is more advanced than widespread keyword or full text search. With semantic approach it is possible to return better results than just with keyword matching. Also, the GoHomeEngine is basically SpeechToText ready so it opens huge possibilities for other advanced functionality.

GoHomeEngine is upgrading real estate search of your data on your web site. If you have a complex form with 20+ fields to fill-in to search for a property you can replace it with only one input field that accepts simple sentences like "flat in south London up to 400k at least 80 sqm". The GoHome Engine will understand your query and provide you with matching results from your website.

How is it working?

  1. You put an input box on your website
  2. Typed (or spoken) query is sent to our API
  3. We are returning you the list of your properties (propertyID-s) that match the users query
  4. You present results in your own design and all links are leading to your detailed pages about properties

The GoHome Engine is a fully integrated white label service that is working in the background and your users are not leaving your site. Also, ownership of data is yours and the data will not be used for any other purpose. Data can be provided to us either by XML data feed or by crawling.

DemoTake a look at the full working demo

Crawling and semantic indexing services

The base for the GoHome real estate vertical search engine is a robot that is automatically gathering data from web. The data are crawled from the web in the same way any other search engine is doing so (Google, Bing…). Major difference between other search engines and GoHome is in process of indexing crawled data. Our indexers are semantic and they are converting unstructured html content into a structured semantic index that is ready for further usage. Semantic indexers are language independent and they can index data in any language with minimal preparation. Crawling services are available either as a part of semantic real estate search service package or for independent use. For availability for different markets please contact us.

Custom real estate social network services

There is a possibility to white label our social network BeepHome and attach it to your existing real estate portal. Custom social network will gain its full potential if it is deployed together with semantic search service so it can be based on semantic usage data. More information about real estate social network is here.